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Salsa is one of the greatest social and the least publicised networks there is!

The reason you are not even noticing this is a social network, is because this is one of the best kept secrets of networking around!

The Home of Salsa 

Joining Uksalsafeet, classes, dances, events and regular weekly dance meetings, our students establish new friendships; find same interests and topics to talk about faster than you can say ‘Salsatatic’.

The informal surroundings make it really easy to chat, mingle, socialise

Salsa is the best social event ever invented; don’t take our word for it! Come and see for yourself. There is a salsa event happening in every town, city or country. The World has gone crazy with the Latin beat and everyone likes the simplicity of salsa. You can be the next ‘Strictly come Dancing’ star! You will always be excited and find you have an excellent night out


Uksalsafeet are actively promoting that salsa is for you, Yes You!  Every one of Uksalsafeet dance classes is very much accessible to you. No matter what's your shape size colour background religion status young or old. We don’t really care. We just want you come along and enjoy yourself with us. Uksalsafeet offer you our warmth, friendship and support. You can have a brilliant day or evening learning how to dance whilst socialising with friends and family.  You belong with us.

Uksalsafeet sprung up from our love of salsa dancing movement and salsa dance style. Seeing the passion what people have for it, was my main motive and inspiration to immerse myself in salsa, learn to dance and perform with passion, and equally teach others to experience the same JOY! I have got to live salsa, breath salsa, teach salsa, perform salsa - in one sentence - I have got to live the salsa dream!


UKSALSAFEET is the latest and the hottest salsa dance school company, promoting the benefits of salsa dancing to the people of the Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Cannock, Dudley and Sandwell & West Midlands area.

Healthier, fitter and happier people

UKSALSAFEET is a promoter of salsa and Latin dancing, lifestyle, products such as DVDs and CDs, classes and Latin culture to all members of the general public. Whether you are young or old, UKSALSAFEET have got a programme to suit you.  Our aims are:

1. Give values you as a customer;

2. To offer you the best value for your money;

3. A great choice of classes;

4. Wide range of packages and deals;

5. To popularise salsa dancing around the Sandwell, Sutton Coldfield, Dudley, Oldbury, Willenhall, Cannock, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Birmingham & West Midlands area;

6. To promote the benefits of learning salsa dancing to the schools;

7. To promote the benefits of movement and fun of the salsa dance to the youth & the elderly.

8. To engage wider population in keeping fit by learning to dance salsa

9. To help build a community of healthier, fitter and happier people

Come and join the fun! Learn to enjoy dancing, keep fit, make friends, and make your life livelier

Bring a partner or come along by yourself! Uksalsafeet team will be more than happy to welcome you to our salsa community! Do join us at the a next class or event, and if you have any questions about salsa dancing,  Uksalsafeet will be more than happy to  have a have a chat with you!

Uksalsafeet Welcome you if you have any of the following conditions

Two Left Feet, No Sense of Rhythm, Feeling like A Bumbling Idiot, on the Dance Floor.  No Partner / Friends to Accompany You, Lack of Self Confidences Have to lose A Few Inches. No Social Life.

Uksalsafeet can teach you the secret how to become an Expert on the dance floor, from zero to hero, within a short time. You maybe the next Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers and you don’t even know it, but you won’t find out, until you attend one of our classes.

Our classes


Uksalsafeet has created the perfect places for you to learn salsa in a safe, fun, friendly, warm, positive learning atmosphere with a large injection of laughter throughout all our venues we have. 

You may have been thinking about learning salsa and this is the perfect opportunity to start - at any one of our Venues We currently run classes 6 days a week to give you greater opportunity to enjoy one of our evenings.

Uksalsafeet will teach you the art of salsa, from the very basics to refined moves, with the emphasis on fun.  With over 10 years experience and endless enthusiasm you are in safe hands!

Salsa is for everyone - no matter your age, size, ability, background, religion, status.  We don't care and you shouldn't either. We just want you to come along and enjoy yourself.   Uksalsafeet offers support, friendship and fun. You will have a fantastic evening of salsa & Kizomba lessons and dancing too.  Uksalsafeet will turn your salsa night from a lesson, into a night of dancing and pure enjoyment.  Dancing, chatting laughing - our classes are a guaranteed way of making new friends.

Whatever your level we have a class to suit you from absolute beginners to advanced - and with the benefit of social dancing afterwards 

 Salsa! A sexy fusion of cultures combined in a dance.   Informal and lively dance are a byword for fun.  Spent the last few years enthusiastically dedicated to spreading the salsa

All our venues - has a lovely wooden floor making dancing smooth and easy.  Bar? On site parking and street parking

You are truly welcome at Uksalsafeet Salsa classes. It doesn’t matter if you are single or a couple, young or old. You do not need to have any dance experience, fancy clothes, or proper shoes. We don’t even care if you have two left feet. Uksalsafeet are happy to teach you even if you think that you can’t be taught. All that matters is that you come long & have a good time.

All levels welcome from absolute beginners – advanced dancers.



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