Uksalsafeet are currently promoting our “Salsa 4 All”



Our aims are to introducing benefits and the joy of Salsa dancing to all age’s, community and all social groups, proving to people that you’re never too old to start to learn to dance and have fun with it.


Uksalsafeet would like to offer you and your clients the opportunity to take part in salsa classes or to enjoy an hour of salsa mayhem. Either having regular Salsa dancing classes or as part of your day or afternoon activity or events.  

Various groups have already taken part such as mental handicap; youth group, mothers and toddlers, etc. 


You can either run weekly classes over six weeks, at beginner’s level which is tailor-made to suit the needs of all age groups and teach each student, the basic moves of Salsa dancing. More advanced courses are available, subject to the level of interest and your approval.

Uksalsafeet also offers you to sit back and enjoy an hour of dancing and fun, with dance display performance, a light-hearted demonstration lesson. Whilst having fun throughout the whole proceeding. everyone is made welcome at every Uksalsafeet dance lessons. No matter what's their shape background status ability young or old. It doesn’t matter.  Your clients or members do not need to have any dance experience, fancy clothes, and proper shoes. We don’t even care if you have two left feet. All that matters is that you come along & have fun and a really good time.

Uksalsafeet specialises in creating the perfect salsa dance lesson, making them a safe fun friendly secure warm positive learning atmosphere for you and your members, Always adding a large injection of laughter throughout. Making our salsa classes a superb way of making new friends and socialising.

You can have weekly classes at the time which is suitable for your needs. Each session per class will last approximately one hour. Also, the social event last for approximately one hour time to your conveniences


Our “Salsa 4 All” is growing into a popular activity helping people in the community develop a variety of beneficial skills which can be transferred to other areas of life. 


The benefits of Salsa dancing are widely known and appreciated. In addition to dancing is a great way of achieving physical fitness and improving co-ordination, Salsa dancing has been known to contribute to the following:

team building

unity & rehabilitation into the community

breaking down barriers

confidence building

great mental and physical flexibility

better reflexes

excellent social skills

weight loss  

quicker and better decision making

improving motivational skills

development of logical thinking

increasing fitness level

great opportunity to socialise with confidence

Uksalsafeet would welcome an opportunity to introduce myself personally and discuss how we can help you improve your client’s spirit.

Clients/member will receive Free CD, Free DVD, and Program guide, included in some packages. We have limited time slots.  Book your Salsa 4 All now. Let have a salsa party together

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me on 07961 514 074. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience

We have a flexible price plan to suit all types of situations, events and program. So do not hesitate to contact us.


We also have Work Team building programmes Salsa 4 Sport and Community   


Never to old to start