The best place to be on a Thursday Night is the Institue Club if you’re a lover of fun music and dancing.  We play the very best of Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata, and all things Latin. We keep you dancing all-night-long on Thursday Uksalsafeet social Nights.

The hot new Thursday Night Salsa, will transports to the streets of Havana’s hottest nightspots with salsa music from every corner.  Cuban flavour and Latin music run strongly throughout the evening. Giving you a great mix of the exotic taste of Cuba, New York & British club experience in buckets loads.   Thursday night The social that is truly here and happening - absorb the atmosphere, move to the music at the Institue Club. You are the party for the night. Salsa will take you through a world of passion, excitement, delight and joy with 3 hours of fantastic salsa dancing and music. With guest D J, live music, late bar, and brilliant atmosphere. There is so much more…. Experience the salsa sensation.

Monday is magical - the start of Uksalsafeet dance week. So let’s start it with a bang, filled with laughter and fun - a vibrant party night of salsa dancing and socializing till the early morning. 

Experience an electrifying night at the number one salsa venue in Stourbridge

 -  Funky Latin music

 -  Guest DJ’s with cutting edge salsa  

Friendly people like you are!   

Be apart of this festivity of salsa dancing and friendship!

Thursday night the Institute is the real reason why so many people look forward toe beginning of the week. It’s the thought of a great night of salsa dancing and meeting up with new and old friends. You don’t even need to know how to salsa to enjoy the night out!  We make you feel that you are the star of the night by keeping you entertained, happy and feeling special!. Our whole evening is set up for you to enjoy yourself every minute of the evening you spend at Uksalsafeet Party

Thursday night at the Institue has been specially created to have salsa party.  It is now known as the number one venue for salsa dancing in Stourbridge Town.  Where the atmosphere is vibrant, electric, filled with fun and Enjoyment. A brilliant evening, mixed with learning, socialising and friendship. You want to be here on Thursday night.  A fun-filled night of entertainment and excitement. There isn’t a better way for you to enjoy a good humour night out. So come along to Stourbridge premiere night out on Thursday evening. 

Stourbridge Salsa Social

Thursday 19th December 2019

The Institute Club, Market Street, Stourbridge DY8 1AD 

7.30 pm - 11.30 pm Social dancing


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The Institute Club

Market Street

Stourbridge DY8 1AD

7.30pm - 10.30pm