Dance On The Beat
7 Golden Rules Of salsa
Golden Rule No 1
When in doubt Mambo, when you don't know what do you Mambo, if you don't know your own name you mambo, when you can't think of what to do you mambo, if the world gets invaded with aliens you mambo, and still do get it you just mambo.  nothing else matters but the mambo.
Golden Rule No 2
For followers do not think 
For Leads be positive with your thought

see rule No 1
Golden Rule No 3
Followers do not anticipate
Leads don't hesitate be firm

see rule No 2
Golden Rule No 4

If you relax it means that your not thinking it mean your not anticipating 

see rule No 3
Golden Rule No 5

Means your relaxing which mean the following rules 

See rule No 4
Golden Rule No 6
Have fun and enjoy yourself

Golden Rule no 7
Look Beautiful 
Look Handsome

Every man and woman looks pretty you have already accomplished golden rule number 7 you just got to master the rest