Dance On The Beat
Uksalsafeet salsa Tips
Tip 1
Relax and enjoy the experience.

Tip 2 
Come with an open mind - even if you have danced before salsa will be totally different

Tip 3
Don't put a time on how long it will take to learn salsa otherwise you will be disappointed if you haven't master salsa in that time

Tip 4 
Don't compare your learning progress to someone else

Tip 5
Don't compare how you dance to the way that others dancers do

Tip 6
Don't be frustrated with your partner's progress. They will get there just give them time, refer to Tip 4 
Tip 7
Wear comfortable shoes that don't hurt you feet after half an hour

Tip 8
Wear clothes that you won't fall out of or that won't rise up while you're dancing. do a test run first to save embarrassment situations

Tip 9
When at salsa social parties don't sit down for too long and watch people dance it will make you feel inadequate. you will think everybody looks better than you. The truth is everybody thinks you're better than them when you're dancing.

A person sitting down doesn't look good.  A person on the dance floor enjoying themselves does.

Tip 10 
Don't be put off going to salsa parties if you've only been doing salsa classes for a short time.

Tip 11
Social dance will aid  your salsa learning a lot more than just lessons alone.

Tip 12
Sometimes listening to what someone else has told you can help your salsa, both positive and negative comments

Tip 13
Age and size has no relation with how quickly you learn. Your attitude does 

Tip 14
Don't let your friend or partner stop you from coming to salsa classes or parties due to the fact that they aren't doing so  well as you or they are struggling to learn.

You can attend quite happily by yourself no one will think you're strange if you do.

Remember you are in control of your life no one else is.

Tip 15
Come with a sense humour

Tip 16
It make sense to practice what you learn in class at home.
Tip 17
Don't try and learn a whole dance routine each week just master one move. 

Tip 18 
Master your  mambo until  you can do it without thought and in three different styles. 

Tip 19

Don't keep looking down when learning your steps.  You learn more quickly when look up and straight ahead. 

Tip 20