Uksalsafeet 7 Fundamental Salsa Moves

Move 1

Mambo Step

The Mambo step is the most important step in Salsa dancing; this is the step that connects every other step you learn during your Salsa journey. It's the one step that you must master as soon as possible as that will help you to learn new steps quicker. Many people think they can Salsa without mastering the Mambo, they are wrong. If you haven’t mastered the Mambo, it makes the dance very uncomfortable.  Once you have mastered the Mambo, it makes the dance gorgeous.

Move 2

 Right Turn

The Right Turn is the second most popular move in salsa.  For followers, the Right Turn is a major move. Most leads will execute the Right Turn as this is the easiest Salsa move to lead, with the exception of the Mambo.

Most leads will not put themselves into a Right Turn due to the fact they’re lazy. However, it is essential that leads learn this move as it is a keystone to carrying out more complicated moves and routines as they become more advanced dancers.

 Move 3


Regardless of whether you are learning L.A. or New York Salsa, on One or on Two, you will be learning Crossbody Salsa. As the name suggests, both followers and leads must become proficient with the Crossbody as it is the basis of this form of Salsa dancing, and lends itself to being the quintessential starting point for so many other moves.

Move 4

 Inside Crossbody Turn

The Inside Crossbody Turn is a very important move that turns up time and again, from various different starting positions. 

Move 5

Outside Crossbody Turn

The Outside Crossbody Turn is a very important move that turns up time and again from various different starting positions.

Move 6

 Left Turn

The Broken Left Turn is one of the most important moves in Salsa and is criminally underused, mainly due to the fact that the lead can prove challenging as most men can’t count!

 For the lead, this is a very important move as it shows they are is in control, are an adept lead and helps the lead look both accomplished and smooth very early on.

 Moves 7


This is most very similar to the Crossbody move insofar as this position is the stepping off point for a variety of exciting moves.  The Copa is a real showman's move but it is still relatively simple to execute.

 Move 8


 This is the foundation move of Cuban Salsa.  It is used in Crossbody Salsa as the starting point for the Copa move as well being incorporated into several other moves. It is another very simple move but essential as it is used as a starting point for so many other moves.


Uksalsafeet Salsa Moves