Dance On The Beat


1 Whittimere Street

Intown Row 

Walsall WS1 2AD

Door open 7pm,  

Absolute Beginners / beginners / Improvers 7.30pm - 8.30pm.  

 8.30pm - 9.30pm Improvers / Intermediates / Advance.



£3. 00 social dancing  9.45pm finishes 12am

Starts 6th June 2017

walsall salsa & kizomba course

Book your Salsa or Kizomba 6 weeks Beginners, Improver & Intermediates course, phone, email or visit website to book your place now.

The start date 6th June 2017 for £30.00 per person

Uksalsafeet has created the perfect place for you to learn Salsa and Kizomba on a Tuesday night with a warm, friendly atmosphere creating a positive learning environment.

If you have been thinking about learning Salsa or Kizomba and this is the perfect opportunity to start - at MPV, Walsall every Tuesday.

Uksalsafeet will teach you the art of Salsa & Kizomba, from the very basics to refined moves, with the emphasis on some fun during the lessons.  With over 10 years’ experience and endless enthusiasm you are in safe hands!

Salsa & Kizomba is for everyone - no matter your age, size, ability, background or religion.  We don't care and you shouldn't either. We just want you to come along and enjoy yourself.   Uksalsafeet offer support, friendship and fun. You will have a fantastic evening of Salsa & Kizomba lessons and dancing too.  Uksalsafeet will turn your Salsa & Kizomba night from a lesson, into a night of dancing and pure enjoyment.  Dancing, chatting laughing - our classes are a guaranteed way of making new friends.

Whatever your level we have a class to suit you from absolute beginners to advanced - and with the benefit of social dancing afterwards

Uksalsafeet will be teaching the new, fast growing dance of Kizomba. It's a great dance to learn. Kizomba is danced in close hold, smooth and flowing and filled with intense passion and romance. The dance itself originated from Angola and has now made its way to Walsall Town. 

Uksalsafeet is dedicated to spreading Salsa. A sexy fusion of cultures combined in   dance.   Informal and lively his classes are a byword for fun.  Spent the last few years enthusiastically dedicated to spreading the Salsa

The venue – has 2 rooms with a lovely wooden floor making dancing smooth and easy.  Bar? Onsite parking and street parking

You are truly welcome at Uksalsafeet Kizomba & Salsa classes. It doesn’t matter if you are single or a couple, young or old. You do not need to have any dance experience, fancy clothes, or proper shoes. We don’t even care if you have two left feet. Uksalsafeet are happy to teach you even if you think that you can’t be taught. All that matters is that you come long & have a good time.

Salsa & Kizomba Classes from 7.30pm – 9.30pm booked places only

All levels welcome from absolute beginners – advance dancers.

Social dancing to late £3.00

Call 07961 514074/07794537543


Salsa Course by Uksalsafeet

Kizomba Course by Uksalsafeet

£30.00 for 6 week Course

Tuesday night Salsa & Kizomba in Walsall 

Booked your place on the course! 

MPV WALSALL  host Uksalsafeet  pre-pay Salsa and Kizomba course, where we are dedicated to giving you the best Salsa and Kizomba teaching experience for you money..

Beginners Salsa Course
Beginners Kizomba Course
Improver kizomba Cousre
Improvers Salsa Course
Intermediate Salsa Course
Intermediates Kizomba Course

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MPV 1 Whittimere Street, Intown Row Walsall WS1 2AD.