This class is specially designed for you who think that you are incapable of learning how to dance is any shape or form thinking that having got two left feet is an excuse not to join this salsa dance class.

Uksalsafeet have tailor-made all-out dance classes, especially this specific class for you. If the above statements belong to you, then you will feel quite at home here! Uksalsafeet guarantee to make all your dancing fears disappear quickly and easy.

Uksalsafeet will take you to step by step through a process where we explain and show you everything from how to hold your body position, correct footwork, how to hold your hands, and how to walk to the rhythm. At this class, we cover everything an absolute beginner needs to learn. As with all dancing once you got the foundation right the rest is easy to build upon.

Uksalsafeet makes learning salsa as easy as walking.

You can join Uksalsafeet salsa classes at Willenhall Chart Centre, even if you have or have not one or none of these following conditions

Two Left Feet,  No Sense of Rhythm, Feeling like A, Bumbling Idiot, on the Dance Floor.

No Partner / Friends to Accompany You. Lack of Self Confidences

Could do with, losing A Few Inches. No Social Life. No dance experience

Uksalsafeet would love for you to attend these salsa classes.

The only way to experience this basic learning tool is to come to the lesson and try it for you. After all, you will have to bring yourself in by using your “two left feet”!

 It doesn’t matter if you are single or a couple, young or old.  You do not need to have any dance experience, fancy clothes, and proper shoes. We don’t even care if you have two left feet...

Join us no matter what your size, ability background, young or old. We don't care, even if you're the taxman!! And you shouldn't either.

You can be single or a couple, groups of friends all-male or all-girls even if you don't know what you are

No Partner is needed, No Dance experiences needed

No Dance shoes or clothes required. We just want you to come along and enjoy yourself at My Two Left Feet class. Uksalsafeet offers you our warmth, friendship and support.  You can have a brilliant afternoon learning how to dance whilst socialising with friends and family. 

Uksalsafeet guarantees to remove all the reason that you think you cannot dance. And make dancing a joyful reality. Salsa dancing is a wonderful way to release stress and make your troubles of the day fades away with the daylight.

Uksalsafeet specialises in creating the perfect place to salsa in Willenhall in a safe fun friendly secure warm positive learning atmosphere for you, with a large injection of laughter throughout. Making our salsa classes a superb way to make new friends.



Willenhall Salsa Classes




Willenhall beginners salsa classes

The Chart Centre

Gomer Street

Willenhall WV13 2NS

12pm - 1pm


The Chart Centre, Gomer Street, Willenhall WV13 2NS


12pm - 1pm Absolute Beginners Beginners

12pm - 1pm Improvers / Intermediates