Uksalsafeet Advice

A reason a lot of people don’t stick with doing Salsa is that they think that they will naturally pick it up within a short space of time, partly because it looks so easy to do. This far from the truth. Salsa is one of the most difficult dances to master, as pointed out by Len Goodman on Strictly Come Dancing. It seems effortless but it involves a lot of hard work and practice to make it appear that way, as with so many things in life. The more time and effort you put in, the more effortless you look.

One of the biggest reason people give up Salsa is that they hit something that I call the ‘Salsa Wall.’ Whilst this point can come at any point, people tend to reach a point very early on that makes them feel as though they’re not getting it at all. For an unknown reason, the lessons or the moves are not sinking in and they unable to accomplish what they desire. Normally, they are wrong, the truth is quite the opposite. When people hit the Salsa Wall, this is normally the point where people have reached a breakthrough point. If people stick at it through this difficult period, they will discover that everything becomes so much easier afterwards and that things do start to click. Learning becomes simpler, meaning moves become better. Sadly, many people give up before they discover just how close they were to be good at it.

What I’m saying is this: if you are at this point, I urge you not to give up or give in but to push through this period. I guarantee you will come out on the other side a more experienced and better Salsa dancer.

P.S. You will hit the Salsa Wall several times, all be it infrequently, during your Salsa journey. Do not give in to it!