Ryan In da House 

Learn Salsa in the comfort of your own home uksalsafeet beginner DVD 

This DVD is created for people who like the idea of learning Salsa at home, for you guys out there who do not feel quite confident enough to venture out into a full live class room full of strangers.

 Many students have approached us, asking us to put a simple DVD together so that can take it home, watch, practice, learn and thus improve their steps, in the complete privacy of their home.

This DVD was recorded with you in mind!

"Ryan In the House" will take the pressure of you in more ways than one?

 If you follow the simple step by step process, as it is taught by the salsa instructor, you be dancing salsa in next to no time effortlessly. The best part of this way of learning is that you can start, pause, keep the video on a particular step, repeat any number of times, until you get it! You can't do this at a class!

 This DVD does not promise dancing skills of Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, but what it does promise is that you will be able to walk into any salsa class ALREADY KNOWING the basic steps!

 This DVD has been produced with absolute beginners in mind. Watch and learn in the comfort of your own home.

Practicing with this DVD will give you a more confidence more flexibility, more control of you partner, confidence in the basics upon which you can build on. Driving in the basics is what the great dancers improve on. You can be just like that.

Whatever your aims are, whether it is to be a social dancer or whether it is to go on to achieve greater heights, this DVD is a perfect start for your journey.

 Buy it today All for the amazing price £7.50

•Builds your confidence in classes and on the dance floor.

•Improves your understanding of dance movement.

•Learning in the comfort of your own home.

•Learning at space that suit you.

•Give you an advance over other beginners

•It's like having private lessons just for you.


•Over 20 basic Salsa moves.

•Clear step by step instructions. Rhythms’

•Simply and easy to follow directions.

•Moves you can perform with anyone do on the dance floor.

•Guaranteed to be dancing Salsa in next to no time!