Salsa for Schools 

Uksalsafeet is now currently taking a selected number of school to be a part of our very popular ‘Salsa 4 Schools program. We have a few available time slots still to be had.  Uksalsafeet is offering your school the opportunity to be apart of this exciting activity. Uksalsafeet have found that the schools and students that have taken part have greatly benefited with improve movement, awareness, control, concentration and behavior. Our  ‘Salsa 4 School’ course aims to introduce the benefits of salsa dancing as part of the school exercise routine to Year 4 pupils and upwards.  We would like to offer you, your pupils and your school the opportunity to take part in Uksalsafeet salsa six week dance course, or as a one day event, as an ‘in or out of school’ activity.


Uksalsafeet specialize in creating the prefect safe fun friendly secure warm positive learning atmosphere for you, with a large injection of laughter throughout. Making our salsa activity classes a superb way of make friendships stronger.

The benefit of salsa dancing are widely known and appreciated.  In addition to dancing being a great way of achieving physical fitness and improving co-ordination, salsa dancing can contribute towards the following: building confidence, unity, great mental and physical flexibility, better reflexes, excellent social skills, weight loss and mental clarity.


 Uksalsafeet will give you a free dance performance or demonstration lesson to help you assess the benefits of the dance course, to enable you to make a right decision for your school. 

Pupils will receive Free CD, Free DVD, Written Steps instruction, and Program guide, included in some packages. We have limited time slots for next term book your ‘Salsa 4 School’ program now. Let have a salsa party together.


We have a flexible price plan to suit all types of situations, events and program. So do not hesitate to contact us.